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Eye bolts are mechanical fasteners which can be used for a range of applications while providing strong support. They come in different strengths and are extremely versatile. For example they can be used for restraining theatre items or supporting temporary outdoor structures such as gazebos. They have many engineering applications, such as use in structres requiring lifting or holding in place.


There are a large variety of  eyebolts for different applications :

  • DIN 580 standard eyebolt - This is forged and has load limit and CE markings
  • DIN 580 similar type - This is similar in size to the above but will not be marked with a load limit. It is either cast or forged
  • Long shank eyebolt - This has a longer thread than the above - but the stainless variety has a welded ring at the head, rather than a forged head, making it less strong and thus cannot have a Working load limit applied (as welding is never perfect and cannot be replicated consitently enough)
  • Collared eyebolt - These can be used for conditions where there may be an axial load. The have a very large base which transmits the force in this manner.
  • Dynamo eyebolt - These are similar to the DIN580 variety and have Load limit markings - hence can be used for lifting
  • Woodscrew thread - sometimes called lagbolt. These are used for screwing into wood - perfect for Gazeebos.


When lifting machinery or supporting a structure it is important to have the correct eyebolts in place to withhold the load and ensure the safety of everyone
working in the vicinity. 

Here at Steelgear we provide a wide range of stainless steel eye hooks and can help select the right measurements for your project. If you would like to find out more about what we offer and how we can help you, please contact us now.



  • Firstly you need to determine the thickness of the item you wish to put your eyebolt through.
  • Then choose an eyebolt with a long enough shank so that enough of the thread will protrude through the backside of the item. This allows for the bolt to be tightened in place.
  • Once you've placed your eyebolt through the hole you've drilled, screw a nut onto the thread to keep the eyebolt secure.
  • Note: If the eyebolt goes through leaving the unthreaded part exposed and you cannot tighten it with the nut then you can use washers to fill in the gap, thus making it tight and secure.



Interested in purchasing Eyebolts? Look to our comprehensive range here at Steelgear. We can provide you with standard, load rated, threaded, woodscrew and longshank type eyebolts, in various sizes and materials. Steelgear is known for its high quality and durable products. Products you can rely on in harsh weather enviroments.

If you require additional information or wish to place an order visit our Eyebolts webpage, call us on 01903331401 or email us sales@steelgear.co.uk to get expert advise.