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Steelgear manufactures a full range of custom wire rope assemblies. Our wire rope assemblies are precisily tailored for your unique needs. With our intuitive configurator, you have full control over every aspect of your wire assembly design. Choose from a wide range of wire types, sizes and fittings to suit your project requirements. 

Complete the below form for any Bespoke wire assemblies you would like. These are manufactured in house, right here in the UK using a Hydraulic press.

Fork to Swage Rigging Screw

Dome Head Terminal
Fork Terminal

Wire Rope Sling - Hard Eye
Swage Terminal

Wire Rope Sling - Soft Eye
Eye Terminal
Completed Example

Wire rope type
  • 1x19 - the strongest but also least flexible of wires. Wire strand configuration is 19 strands to make 1 wire. 7x7 - moderately flexible. The smaller sizes up to 4mm are easily looped or bent, 5mm and above is quite stiff to bend. Wire configuration is 7 strands of 7 7x19 - Highly flexible. When tight loops are required, such as thimble looped ends, this is the wire to choose. It is not as strong as 1x19, but only by a small percentage. Wire configuration is 7 strands of 19 wires. Imagine 7 lots of 1x19 rewound together and that's it. This is the most attractive looking of all 3 wires, due to its smooth appearance.

  • Price in order of highest to lowest:
    1. 1x19
    2. 7x19
    3. 7x7
    Strength in order of strongest to weakest:
    1. 1x19
    2. 7x7
    3. 7x19
    Note: 2mm 7x19 wire still has a break load of approx 230kg !
    Wire strengths at break (guide only not to be used for lifting) Where the first number is for the weakest 7x19 the last number is for 1x19 and 7x7 is somewhere in between 2mm - 230-320kg 3mm - 480-720kg 4mm - 860-1280kg 5mm - 1330-2000kg 6mm - 1940-3060k


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