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Ferrule (Self Colour) - Copper
Whether you're working on a construction project, rigging applications, or DIY endeavors, our copper ferrules ensure optimal performance and longevity. Available in size codes 2 to 6.5, sutable for 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm,5mm or 6mm wire rope. Made from copper, these will not react with stainless wire rope.
Notes: Do not use Aluminium ferrules on stainless. There will be a corrosion reaction on the ferrule. We sell a Nickel plated ferrule that gives the same colour as stainless, if you are worried about colour match.
Price per 1 Piece
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL Size Code Code Weight (g) Wire Size (mm) (non fibrecore wire) Price Qty
SKU0832 COPPER 2 SKU0832 0.6 1.5 £0.12 INC. VAT £0.14
Qty Price
100+ £0.11 INC. VAT £0.14
546 In stock
2mm Ferrule for wire rope SKU0835 COPPER 2.5 SKU0835 0.7 2 £0.16 INC. VAT £0.19
Qty Price
100+ £0.15 INC. VAT £0.18
950 In stock
3mm Ferrule for wire rope SKU0837 COPPER 3.5 SKU0837 2.5 3 £0.41 INC. VAT £0.49
Qty Price
100+ £0.39 INC. VAT £0.47
354 In stock
4mm Ferrule for wire rope SKU0839 COPPER 4.5 SKU0839 6 4 £0.65 INC. VAT £0.78
Qty Price
100+ £0.62 INC. VAT £0.74
450 In stock
5mm Ferrule for wire rope SKU0841 COPPER 5 SKU0841 11.5 5 £1.23 INC. VAT £1.48
Qty Price
100+ £1.17 INC. VAT £1.40
336 In stock
6mm Ferrule for wire rope SKU0843 COPPER 6.5 SKU0843 18 6 £2.56 INC. VAT £3.07
Qty Price
100+ £2.43 INC. VAT £2.92
229 In stock
This Copper Ferrule for Wire Rope 1.5mm (Self Colour) is robust, hard-wearing, reliable and is ideal for use in many applications

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