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Long shank Dynamo eyebolts to B.S.4278 Table 3 - Steel
Our Long Shank Dynamo Eyebolts to BS4278 standard are high-quality lifting and anchoring components designed for industrial and construction applications. The long shank is designed to anchor into a wall more effectively than the regular counterpart that we also sell. These eyebolts are manufactured from graded steel, known for its strength, durability, and resistance to wear and corrosion. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements of the BS4278 standard, they ensure reliable performance and enhanced safety in demanding environments. We sell them in sizes: M8, M10, M12, M16, M20, M24 and lengths: 102mm, 114mm, 127mm.
Price per 1 Piece
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Option MATERIAL Size A Code Weight (g) B E H G SWL(kg) Price Qty
M8x102 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-8 SELF COLOUR STEEL M8 5120-8 100 17 22 102 27 150 £2.03 INC. VAT £2.44
M10x102 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-10 SELF COLOUR STEEL M10 5120-10 120 17 22 102 27 250 £2.07 INC. VAT £2.48
M12x102 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-12 SELF COLOUR STEEL M12 5120-12 300 26 22 102 27 320 £2.47 INC. VAT £2.96
M16x114 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-16 SELF COLOUR STEEL M16 5120-16 360 32 29 114 34 630 £3.38 INC. VAT £4.06
M20x127 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-20 SELF COLOUR STEEL M20 5120-20 1200 40 40 127 47 1250 £5.79 INC. VAT £6.95
M24x127 Long Shank Dynamo eyebolt B.S.4278 Table 3 5120-24 SELF COLOUR STEEL M24 5120-24 1400 52 51 127 60 2000 £12.33 INC. VAT £14.80
The Long Shank Dynamo Eyebolts that we offer are precision-engineered components made from BS4278 standard steel, designed for secure lifting and anchoring in industrial applications. With a weight of 100g, a thread diameter of 8mm, and a height of 102mm, these eyebolts provide robust performance. The Safe Working Load (SWL) is 150kg, clearly stamped on each unit for easy identification. Their use can vary from maintenance to utilities and much more. Buy today.

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