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Galvanised Steel Long Link Chain - Galvanised
Galvanised long link chain ranging in sizes of 7mm, 8mm, 10mm 12mm, 16mm to 20mm in diameter. This chain is manufactured from Grade 30 steel and then hot dip galvanised (HDG) in order to give it corrosion protection. Whilst the HDG chain is not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel, it still gives better resistance than Electro Galvanised, commonly call Zinc plated. You will often find galvanised chains used externally, where damage from corrosion is limited from the Galvanising process.
Price per 1 metre
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL Size d ProductCode Weight/M(Kg) B C SWL (Kg) Std Price Qty
7x42 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-7-G GALVANISED 7 207-7-G 0.9 38 14 450 DIN763 £4.62 £4.39 INC. VAT £5.27
8x52 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-8-G GALVANISED 8 207-8-G 1.15 52 16 500 DIN763 £4.39 £4.17 INC. VAT £5.00
10x50 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-10-G GALVANISED 10 207-10-G 1.8 65 20 1000 DIN763 £6.43 £6.11 INC. VAT £7.33
12x61 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-12-G GALVANISED 12 207-12-G 2.8 78 24 1250 DIN763 £10.49 £9.97 INC. VAT £11.96
16x100 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-16-G GALVANISED 16 207-16-G 4.45 100 32 2500 DIN763 £15.84 £15.05 INC. VAT £18.06
20x120 Galvanised long link chain DIN763 207-20-G GALVANISED 20 207-20-G 7.45 120 35 4000 DIN763 £27.48 £26.11 INC. VAT £31.33
7mm is the smallest size we sell in DIN763 long link variety chain. Product code 207-7-G. Whilst the smallest in the range, this is heavy and strong compared to other chains, with a load limit of 450kg

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