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Galvanised Steel Short Link Chain - Galvanised
Galvanised short link chain manufactured to DIN766. This product is hot dip Galvanised for corrosion protection. It is available in sizes : 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm. This chain is hard wearing as well as being Calibrated for size. This means it can be used as anchor chain or winch chain for industrial appliances. It can be used in outdoor applications and will handle some wear.
Price per 1 metre
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL Size d ProductCode Weight/M (Kg) B C SWL (Kg) Std Price Qty
5x18 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-5-G GALVANISED 5 206-5-G 0.7 18 6 250 DIN766 £2.81 £2.67 INC. VAT £3.20
6x18 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-6-G GALVANISED 6 206-6-G 0.8 18 8 400 DIN766 £4.15 £3.94 INC. VAT £4.73
8x24 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-8-G GALVANISED 8 206-8-G 1.42 24 10 750 DIN766 £6.12 £5.81 INC. VAT £6.98
10x28 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-10-G GALVANISED 10 206-10-G 2.2 28 12 1500 DIN766 £8.25 £7.84 INC. VAT £9.40
12x36 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-12-G GALVANISED 12 206-12-G 3.25 36 16 1750 DIN766 £14.03 £13.33 INC. VAT £15.99
16x45 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-16-G GALVANISED 16 206-16-G 5.8 45 20 3120 DIN766 £20.36 £19.34 INC. VAT £23.21
20x56 Galvanised short link chain DIN766 206-20-G GALVANISED 20 206-20-G 8.75 56 24 5000 DIN766 £33.82 £32.13 INC. VAT £38.55
This 5mm short Link Chain has a high quality Hot dip galvanised finish. This is sold by the metre, but it can also be purchased in Bulk, offering large price reductions. The inside ength is 18mm and width 6mm. It is calibrated to DIN766 standards, ensuring reliable measurements when use in winches

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