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Eyebolt - 304 Stainless steel
Sold by Steelgear in sizes: thread size 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16m, 20mm, 24mm. Our A2 stainless steel eyebolts are versatile and reliable fastening components known for their moderate corrosion resistance and strength. Crafted from A2 grade stainless steel, which contains chromium and nickel, these eyebolts offer good durability and affordability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.
Price per 1 Piece
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL d Part No. D d1 H L Price Qty
M6 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9002-A2 A2 STAINLESS M6 SKU9002 27 16 31 11 £0.73 INC. VAT £0.88
Qty Price
50+ £0.69 INC. VAT £0.83
287 In stock
M8 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9004-A2 A2 STAINLESS M8 SKU9004 36 20 36 13 £0.93 INC. VAT £1.12
Qty Price
50+ £0.88 INC. VAT £1.06
79 In stock
M10 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9006-A2 A2 STAINLESS M10 SKU9006 45 25 45 17 £1.82 INC. VAT £2.18
Qty Price
50+ £1.73 INC. VAT £2.07
69 In stock
M12 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9008-A2 A2 STAINLESS M12 SKU9008 54 30 53 20.5 £3.03 INC. VAT £3.64
Qty Price
50+ £2.88 INC. VAT £3.45
61 In stock
M16 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9010-A2 A2 STAINLESS M16 SKU9010 63 35 62 27 £6.26 INC. VAT £7.51
Qty Price
50+ £5.95 INC. VAT £7.14
38 In stock
M20 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9012-A2 A2 STAINLESS M20 SKU9012 72 40 71 30 £10.12 INC. VAT £12.14
Qty Price
50+ £9.61 INC. VAT £11.54
10 In stock
M24 EyeBolt sim. DIN 580 SKU9014-A2 A2 STAINLESS M24 SKU9014 90 50 90 36 £28.81 INC. VAT £34.57
Qty Price
50+ £27.37 INC. VAT £32.84
5 In stock
Our cheapest A2 stainless steel eyebolts with a 6mm thread diameter offer dependable fastening solutions for various applications requiring moderate strength and corrosion resistance. Crafted from A2 grade stainless steel, these eyebolts are designed to withstand typical indoor and outdoor conditions while providing reliable performance. They are used for purposes such as securing lightweight fixtures, general construction tasks, rigging sailboats, DIY projects, outdoor equipment and much more. The smallest option in our range. They are a cheaper alternative to our A4 stainless eyebolts, and are recommneded in areas that are not coastal. Buy online today.

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