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Asymmetric Snap Hook with eye - 316 Stainless steel
These Asymetric Snap Hooks have an eyelet that can be used to encapulate rope. The carbine hooks are available in 6mm, 8mm 10mm and 11mm sizes, representing 80mm to 120mm long. The larger flat section enables them to be used when securing flat surfaces such as webbing.
Price per 1 Piece
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Option MATERIAL Code Size D E L Weight (g) WLL(Kg)Guide Price Qty
6mm Asymetric Snap Hooks SKU5000 A4 STAINLESS SKU5000 6 9 60 30 95 £1.26 £1.20 INC. VAT £1.44
Qty Price
50+ £1.14 INC. VAT £1.36
23 In stock
8mm Asymetric Snap Hooks SKU5040 A4 STAINLESS SKU5040 8 11 80 72 145 £2.61 £2.48 INC. VAT £2.98
Qty Price
50+ £2.36 INC. VAT £2.83
34 In stock
10mm Asymetric Snap Hooks SKU5080 A4 STAINLESS SKU5080 10 14 100 145 240 £3.90 £3.70 INC. VAT £4.45
Qty Price
50+ £3.52 INC. VAT £4.22
39 In stock
This 6mm Asymetric Snap Hook has an eyelet allowing rope to be encapsulated and never come loose. It is the smallest in our range and hence lightweight. It can be used in demanding environments such as coastal areas.

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