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Screw Eye - 316 Stainless steel
Stainless steel screw eye in 4 sizes. These marine grade stainless hooks are designed for screwing into wood. They can be used in applications where they hold a line between 2 or 3 of them. The larger ones can be used to suspend rope whilst the smaller ones can be used for hanging items suspended from a wire. Drill a pilot hole then manually screw them into the hole. Finish of with pliers if required. Suitable for coastal or boat use, or in the garden, where they will not rust. The largest size - 30x14 has an eye diameter of 14mm with a screw length of 14mm. The smallest has an eye diameter of 8mm with a thread length of 16mm
Price per 1 Piece
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Option MATERIAL Code L D d Price Qty
16x8 Long screw eye 5270-8-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5270-8-A4 16 8 3.3 £0.57 INC. VAT £0.68
Qty Price
50+ £0.54 INC. VAT £0.65
200 In stock
20x10 Long screw eye 5270-10-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5270-10-A4 20 10 3.3 £0.60 INC. VAT £0.72
Qty Price
50+ £0.57 INC. VAT £0.68
168 In stock
25x12 Long screw eye 5270-12-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5270-12-A4 25 12 3.9 £0.60 INC. VAT £0.72
Qty Price
50+ £0.57 INC. VAT £0.68
240 In stock
30x14 Long screw eye 5270-14-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5270-14-A4 30 14 3.9 £0.79 INC. VAT £0.95
Qty Price
50+ £0.75 INC. VAT £0.90
200 In stock
This 16mm Long screw eye is built to last and can be used in corrosive environments

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