Stainless steel Quick Link (Standard Opening)

Quick Links (std Opening) in various sizes
Dimensions: Ranging from size 4 to 12 mm
Material: A4 Stainless

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Chart showing dimensions for all sizes in mm :

Please note : the above is a guide and Dimensions can vary slightly due to tolerances.
For "dimension sensitive" applications pls ask for measurement.

Where Loadings are given : Break load - BL, Working load - WLL, Safe load - SWL. Please refer to the Engineering drawing for more information.

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Product Information :

Stainless Steel Quick Link (Standard Opening)

Quick Links are a small but strong fastener. Their primary application is as a chain connector,
but they are equally useful in many other applications.
They have a Threaded gate lock. Preferred over snap hooks in multi-directional load situations. Also available in Large Opening and Delta types. Available in sizes 4-12mm. Made from 316 Stainless Steel.
Other names for this product: Rapid Link, Chain Link, Maillon Rapide, Screw Link, Chain Repair Link

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