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Swage to Swage Rigging Screw - 316 Stainless steel
Use these swage to swage rigging screws where two sets of wires are joined at the swages and adjustment is required. Clockwise rotation of the body tightens, anticloskwise loosens. Sold in M6, M8, M10, M12 and M16 varieties, suitable for 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm and 8mm wire rope respectively. 12.5cm adjustment range for the M16 variety, with 6cm adjustment on the smallest item. Look for the Difference between Lmax and Lmin to calculate the adjustment.
Price per 1 Piece
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL Size Code Weight (g) Lmin Lmax L1 Wire Size Break (kg) Price Qty
M6x4mm wire SKU2345 A4 STAINLESS M6 SKU2345 85 220 280 95 4 1300 £3.99 INC. VAT £4.79
Qty Price
20+ £3.79 INC. VAT £4.55
M8x4mm wire SKU2347 A4 STAINLESS M8 SKU2347 135 240 290 105 4 1300 £6.25 INC. VAT £7.50
Qty Price
20+ £5.94 INC. VAT £7.13
M10x5mm wire SKU2349 A4 STAINLESS M10 SKU2349 240 265 350 125 5 2350 £9.10 INC. VAT £10.92
Qty Price
20+ £8.65 INC. VAT £10.37
M12x6mm wire SKU2351 A4 STAINLESS M12 SKU2351 420 330 440 150 6 3500 £14.05 INC. VAT £16.86
Qty Price
20+ £13.35 INC. VAT £16.02
M16x8mm wire SKU2353 A4 STAINLESS M16 SKU2353 820 420 545 190 8 5100 £26.00 INC. VAT £31.20
Qty Price
20+ £24.70 INC. VAT £29.64
This M6x4mm Swage to Swage Rigging Screw is the most common size for garden guard rail

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