Stainless steel Wire Rope 7x7

Wire Rope 7x7 in various widths
Dimensions: 2 to 10mm diameter
Material: A4 Stainless

Items marked with *** are Special order.

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Chart showing dimensions for all sizes in mm :

Please note : the above is a guide and Dimensions can vary slightly due to tolerances.
For "dimension sensitive" applications pls ask for measurement.

Where WLL or Break load are shown :
SWL or WLL = Safe working load limit (kg) : This is the recommended maximum weight the product should carry and will vary from batch to batch.
Break Load : This is the recommended maximum weight to break for the product and will vary from batch to batch. You should only use the product at the WLL - which is 1/4 the break load.
(Note : This is for guidance only and is not an endorsement. Do not use any product for lifting unless drawing is marked suitable for lifting with the L symbol. For load bearing or lifting applications on products not designed for lifting, you should have the part or assembly tested and certified. Contact us if you require this)

Click below for an engineering drawing :

Product Information :

Stainless Steel Wire Rope 7x7

7x7 Wire Rope has high strength and a rugged construction making it useful for towing and transmission of mechanical power.
Larger sizes are sufficiently stiff for guying and messenger cable, and its stranded core makes it suitable for use with swage terminals.
Smaller sizes are often used in lanyard type wire rope assemblies. Made from 316 Stainless Steel.Available in sizes 2-10mm.
Other names for this product: Wire Cable, Semi-Soft Wire Rope, Balustrade Wire

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