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Horn Bollard - 316 Stainless steel
Our A4 stainless steel horn bollards are essential fixtures designed for reliable and secure mooring solutions in maritime environments. Crafted from high-grade A4 stainless steel, also known as 316 stainless steel, these bollards are renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for prolonged exposure to saltwater and harsh marine conditions. The horn-shaped design not only enhances their structural integrity but also provides multiple points for securing ropes and lines, ensuring safe and efficient mooring of boats and ships in docks, marinas, and harbours.
Price per 1 Piece
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Option MATERIAL Code L L1 B H Fixing hole Price Qty
160x60 stainless steel bollard 5150-150-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5150-150-A4 160 150 60 65 M10 £26.11 INC. VAT £31.33
2 In stock
200x65 stainless steel bollard 5150-165-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5150-165-A4 200 165 65 70 M10 £58.37 INC. VAT £70.04
2 In stock
220x70 stainless steel bollard 5150-200-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5150-200-A4 220 200 70 85 M10 £58.49 INC. VAT £70.19
Sold out. Call 01903331391
300x80 stainless steel bollard 5150-255-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5150-255-A4 300 255 80 100 M12 £74.34 INC. VAT £89.21
Sold out. Call 01903331391
340x90 stainless steel bollard 5150-310-A4 A4 STAINLESS 5150-310-A4 340 310 90 115 M18 £97.74 INC. VAT £117.29
Sold out. Call 01903331391
This size of A4 stainless steel horn bollard is meticulously engineered for superior mooring solutions in demanding maritime settings. Featuring a robust design with a length of 160mm, a width of 60mm and a fixing hole width of 10mm, these bollards are crafted from high-quality A4 stainless steel (316 grade), renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and durability in saltwater environments. The horn-shaped configuration not only enhances their structural strength but also provides multiple secure points for tying ropes and lines, ensuring reliable mooring of boats and vessels in docks, marinas, and harbours. Buy today.

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