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Long Halyard Shackle - 316 Stainless steel
These Halyard Shackles are the long variety where the length is longer than the short type halyard shackles that we also sell. Other than that they are designed to achieve the same purpose. They have a key Pin and a secondary pin to keep the lanyard secured to the halyard. The secondary pin is removable, and is held in place by a mini split ring. The main pin is of the key pin variety, where it requires rotating only half a turn to release. They are sometimes refered to as Double bar long dee shackles, due to the two bars incorporated in its design. Perfect for marine use due to its Marine grade stainless material.
Price per 1 Piece
Further stock is available subject to a small lead time. Contact us for a quote.
Option MATERIAL Size Code Weight (g) D L B Price Qty
5mm Long halyard shackle SKU1840 A4 STAINLESS 5 SKU1840 25 5 36 15 £2.24 INC. VAT £2.69
Qty Price
50+ £2.13 INC. VAT £2.55
124 In stock
6mm Long halyard shackle SKU1880 A4 STAINLESS 6 SKU1880 32 6 40 14 £2.92 INC. VAT £3.50
Qty Price
50+ £2.77 INC. VAT £3.33
49 In stock
This 5mm Long Halyard Shackle is manufactured for long term use. It's simple build and easy pin removal make it quick and easy to use.

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