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U Bolts, Pipe hangars, Pipe clamps, hook bolts, j bolts, swing bolts, anchor bolts, L bolts, V bolts, these are the many names that this particular range of bolting products are referred to.

U-bolts are manufactured from Rod, with the thread rolled before shaping/forming.

When formed, the minimum bend radius is governed by the type of material, but in all cases deformation will occur at the bend radius where the outside of the material is stretched.

There will be small diameter loss due to this and is often referred to as "Necking".

The minimum radius should be no less than 1/2 the rod diameter for low tensile materials. High tensile materials should have 11/16 or more.

See how the above U-bolt is clamped with 2 nuts to help guard against vibration loosening.

This can also be achieved with a Nyloc type Lock nut, or a locking washer

Made to order / Bespoke U bolts and J bolts

We can manufacture virtually any type of U,  J, hook and N bolts in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials right here in the UK. Please use the below configurator to specify the type of U bolt you would like quoted. We are also price competitive for parts that are "Standard" in size. The popular pipe hangar range can be supplied in Light pattern or heavy pattern to BS3974.

Generally the lead time for production is 4-7 days depending on the quantity required. We will state this in our quote.

We also sell many types of U bolt in our standard range that are shipped from stock. Please see here : Standard U-bolts

If you are new to U bolts and would like more information, please see below for further details and product uses.

Notes :  U bolt maximimum thread length is Length of straight leg less 1 diameter  - eg M12 50mm leg = 38mm thread

U-Bolt 1 (D is derived from W - ie. slightly less)  U-Bolt 2
U-bolt 3 U-bolt 4
U-bolt 5  
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