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Stainless steel chains

Currently we supply the following types of stainless steel chain in A4 AISI 316 stainless - Calibrated Long Link - DIN 763 & ISO 5685 Calibrated Short Link - DIN 766. In A2 stainless we supply - AISI 304 stainless - Short Link & AISI 304 stainless - Long Link. The A4 chains are ideal for mooring purposes because of their corrosion resistance, this is due to its finish. We also sell high quality stainless steel knotted chain. This type of chain is a cheaper option because its manufactured from a process that does not required any welding, making them much cheaper than other styles of chain. Use our Steel Chain with our accessories - see chain connectors, quicklinks, shackles, padlocks & snaphooks in the chain accessories category.